Bundu Bashers Tours – Don’t!!!!!!

Now this next little diatribe is primarily so I can get heaps of tags on it, in the hopes that anyone who thinks this company is professional, honest, and skilled will quickly find my review when searching on the net and will therefore avoid having to spend three days having to put up with what we put up with.  After the jump you will find all the gory details…

Here is the website of the Worst and Most Misleading Tour Company in North America:



Oh, where to begin with this disastrous company? Perhaps my confirmation phone call the day before the tour where the phone was answered ‘Hello’… (you know, not BunduBashers, How Can I Help You, or anything like that) in a pissed off sort of a voice, after which I had the pleasure of speaking to some disgustingly rude Pom who was really aggressive sounding when demanding that I must NOT be late as I was the first pick up.  Cretin.

I was indeed the first pick up, at 6am, and then our incredibly useless tour guide (you see them mentioned under ‘Very Skilled Guides’ ) couldn’t find one of the pick up points (merely a Very Large and Well Known Las Vegas Hotel) and so we drove around for TWO HOURS before leaving Vegas.

It was at this point, 2 hours into the trip, (and still 1km from my hotel) that I learnt that the whole trip I had booked was now being done ‘in reverse’….. eg, Day 1 was now Day 3, Day 2 was the same, Day 3 was now Day 1, and that there was no schedule, no itinerary, no information, and no apology.

I then further learnt that the advertised “Vehicles are mini buses or executive vans, which are vans with individual, high back, reclining seats ” is a load of utter bullshit. 

Our van was an ex-Westin Hotel shuttle van, with 12 seats, and perfectly suited for 10 minute trips to and from airports. It was cramped, drafty, noisy, dirty, old, and the only bloody seats which would have reclined were the broken ones.

BunduBashers 'Luxury' Tour Van

Not only that, no logo’s or company information on it, well, except for the faded Westin Hotel Shuttle logo on the side… just an advertisement inside for a Salt Lake City restaurant, whose telephone number, I will never forget it, is  (area code) EAT FISH.   Insane.

About 2 more hours into the drive, with the driver (I’m sorry, he’s not getting the title of Guide) shouting, because – no shit Sherlock – the microphone was broken – we realised that such excitements as ‘Stopping for morning tea’  were well beyond the capacity of this company. For the whole trip, we had to demand food breaks.

Our driver, who was about as useful at being a tour guide as I am at nuclear physics, just couldn’t cope with any change to the itinerary and got twitchy, nervous, and edgy if we demanded such things as toilet breaks and food.

The first day he proposed – because we were late- and why was that, I wonder – to drop the people doing horseriding off to do their ride despite the fact they hadn’t had anything to eat since the day before – at 2pm. On facing a small riot from his passengers, he reluctantly rang ‘head office’ and pretended to be getting them to push the tour back, but then kept saying it couldn’t be done. However, his passengers, including one very pissed off Kiwi, two irate Irish, a riotous Pom or three and a Canadian engineer who works on oil and gas rigs out of Siberia and who was not to be messed with (also female, young, blonde and attractive, she must cause a riot on the rigs) started getting a bit bolshie and so he switched it around – finally – and ‘allowed’ our Irish guests to run in and buy a Subway roll to eat in the van on the way.

They subsequently learnt – when we reconvened later – that the horse riding company had no other riders that day and did not seem to have been contacted to move the ride more than the final once. 

The locale for the ATV and Horseriding – neither of which my ankle had decided were a good idea – was in the middle of nowhere, and so those of us that weren’t on it got to sit in a restaurant – and I use the term loosely – waiting around for the others to get back. Nothing to see, nothing to do. Despite the statement on their website that you’d be taken into the canyon early, or have plenty of time to explore the canyon. If the scumby giftshop and over priced kitschy cafe is ‘the canyon’ I suppose it’s technically true. 

 The Irish subsequently reported that the horse ride they did, and the horse ride on the website, were two different things. And not for the better.

Did I mention that they also decided to combine a two day and a three day tour (hence doing it backwards) so that on Day Two they could split us up and send the two-dayers back with another tour group? And did I mention that they then kept the three dayers – us-  back late, on Day 3, to pick up yet another group, so late, that we didn’t get back to Vegas until after 11pm? We’d been in the crappy Westin van for 16 hours that day! Oh, no dinner break by the way, just a 10 minute stop at the gas station – choice of the usual gas station food for dinner……  And that the poor group that joined us for the trip back, had been picked up at 6am, rushed all over Arizona, and by the time they got to the Grand Canyon at 4pm, hadn’t eaten all day? And they were Italians, a nation which take eating and drinking very seriously – and rightly so!

This is us all crammed into the spacious van – photo is taken with the wide angle lens held over my head – those are my knees bottom left with 3 more people to my right.

I could mention that our driver was so accommodating, in the matter of bottle water…. in a soft sided esky with no ice. Day Two we rioted and hung shit on him ‘It can’t be hard, you know, they sell ice at the gas stations!!!’ until he finally got that organised. And here was me thinking America was the home of the ice machine.

Now, our Very Skilled Guide spent a lot of time telling us about the history of the region we were in. Starting at the exact moment the Mormons arrived. Like we cared. Long before the bloody Mormons, were the Native Americans, most of whom were either slaughtered or packed off to reservations, and we were interested in the language, culture, history, traditions and original names for the magnificent regions we were in. I’d also have liked to know what one should or shouldn’t be doing/wearing/saying on the Navajo reservations – I hate to think I might be being culturally insensitive, but Action Man The Driver couldn’t even answer the simplest questions and certainly didn’t volunteer any useful information.  At one point I had to remind HIM what an Indian home is called. (No, it’s not a teepee.)

Our driver was incapable of a straight answer to anything, it was always ‘oh about (insert vague and inaccurate statement here) ‘- and almost pouted when we got stroppy. 

Now should this have been a cheap and cheerful tour, fine. I have no problem with being dragged from pillar to post in rough conditions if that’s what I think I’m signing up for.  But it wasn’t. It wasn’t particularly cheap (AUD 1200 for me).  There was no indication that we’d have to beg for toilet breaks, spend over 15 hours in the van on two of the days, be crammed in like sardines, not get meal breaks, that the hotel we stayed in would be a really crappy motel (costing me nearly as much as the bloody Palazzo once you added the ‘single surcharge’… which I later found out the hotel doesn’t actually charge, (and DO feel free to check this on their website – Best Western Arizona Inn, Page, do NOT charge a single supplement, so more money for dear old Bundu Bashers)  if I’d booked it myself I’d have been better off) which didn’t even have a restaurant, breakfast was in the foyer (and rubbish at that, though we evil passengers started knocking off muffins and fruit in case we starved to death on the bus)!

Every damn monument, park, outcrop and expanse of land was named after some blasted Mormon who ‘discovered it’…. my foot, the Navajo and their forebears were there long before, and I was shocked to see and hear almost contempt, or at least disregard, for the traditional owners of these lands and the history of it. I know that Australia hasn’t got a sterling track record in the matter of the Aboriginals but nevertheless at least they’re trying to put it right, but in Utah, it’s all about the Mormons.

Anyway. As I said in my last post, I had a ball. The others on my tour and I banded together in adversity and made it fun. We collaborated on food, drink, and tormenting our tour guide.  As one of them said – ‘Even Bundu Bashers couldn’t fuck up this AMAZING scenery’  and it’s true. The places we visited were stunning. And we had fun.  It’s just a shame that this mob are running the tours when clearly all they are is a little money-grubbing outfit, in it for all they can scrounge out of you.

On the second night, we took my little laptop out, connected up to the wireless internet at the motel, and compared the tour on the net to what we were getting.   They’ve got some cleverly worded stuff in there about ‘the itinerary changing without notice’ etc etc, and its fluffy enough that they’d get away with it in a court of law, but the spirit of thing promises and doesn’t deliver. We didn’t do some of the advertised things, and others we couldn’t because of the revised schedule.

Our driver also told us that on Trip Advisor there are lots of bad reviews of Bundu Bashers. The way he said it made it sound like it was a conspiracy. I can assure you it isn’t. Avoid this company at all costs!


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  1. I almost booked a tour with Bundu Bashers, but called them for some info first and the guy was so freaking rude that I was mad for half a day over a 90 second conversation. Awful place!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this information. I am so grateful for you and Trip Advisor so I didn’t waste my money!

  3. I called Bundu Bashers to try and book tours, and he told me I was wasting his time, and hung up on me. I was so mad I looked him up on the BBB website. They have an “F” rating and unresolved customer service issues, and not refunding money for cancelled tours. This tour company truly sucks!

    • I had same experience. The owner even asked for additional $75 for taking too much of his time. Is he out of his mind? He won’t even take my call, he asked me to send emails only. I only have a few simple questions. The conversation should take no more than 3 minutes, ended up we spent 3 days emailing back and forth. After all, he blamed me for wasting his time. This grumpy old man should be out of business to avoid irritating more people!

  4. Thanks for saving me money and hearthache. On face value Bundu Bashers seemed to tick all the boxes for what we were looking for in a Grand Canyon and surrounds multi-day tour. A quick look on Trip Advisor was truly a shocker – how could so many different people receive the same rude treatment and shoddy service? Maybe the service had improved? But no – your article has basically summarised the whole shoddy company and the recently-dated submitted comments show that nothing has changed. I won’t be booking with these jokers and can move on to something else, thanks! And to think I was going to take my 8 year old daughter. What a nightmare, I might have thrown myself off the Canyon.

  5. Thanks for that info. We are having difficulty in finding a 4/3 day Grand Canyon tour and the Bunda Bashers looked good. Thank heavens for Tripadvisor. Back to the drawing board for me – more surfing the net.
    Anyone got some info on GOOD comfortable tours?

    • Hi Sally – one of the hard things was that Bundu Bashers was the only tour I found that was doing the 3/4 day thing that suited. Pink Jeep Tours out of Las Vegas were fantastic, but I don’t think they do overnight/long tours. If anyone finds a company that does do good tours do post up here – I’ll keep looking too and I find one that looks ok I’ll post some links.

  6. I have just booked with them on a hop off hop on pass (and toolate for me to cancel now without losing all my money) and I too have bene subjected to horrible rudeness (eg telling me there it was my fault their automated booking system didnt work proeprly!), and have a gut feeling all will not go smoothly. Problem we found is NO ONE esle goes to where we want to go. I will reoprt back afterwards, but i am expecting bitter dissappointment. After rreading this I just hope we get to each destination and that we dont get stranded in the middle of nowhere!

    • I’m sure it’ll be fine – you’re at least aware of what they’re like! Its amazing scenery and please post back and let us know if they’ve lifted their game!

  7. I hope alot of people are forewarned by this post, I worked for this company and can attest to the validity of these complaints, the owner is a piecwe of ” ” to the 20th degree.

  8. Well have just returned from my trip to the US which was incredible, except for Bundu Bashers! Could easily rate it as one of the worst experiences of my life. The driver was lovely, so no fault there but Sessel (the owner)… what a Tosser! My husbadn and I have both written Trip Advisor posts but it seems it hasnt been posted??? (hopefully will be uploaded soon!) We are planning on making a formal complaint to Utahs Business Bureau.

    This man should not be in business. He found out what hotelwe were staying at in Zion, called the hotel and progressed to abuse the *** out of us. He stated we were fraudulent, scammers, thieves and liars. At Monument Valley we had paperwork (from Bundu) that said we had a 2 hour tour booked. We arrived at Monument Valley early, and dsicovered that others were booked on a 3 hour tour, so our driver asked the tour company if we could do that one instead. They said yes and that they would not charge us any extra. All was fine. Until Sessel found out. He rang us up and said we delibertaley had abused the generosity of the company and we owed him the extra money. He accused of of refusing to pay park entrance fees and wanted reimbursement for that also (to note it was National Parks week and no one had to pay park entrance fees that week). We refused to pay him the park fees and he continued on about how furious he was re the MV tour . I tried to explain that i was sure that my paperwork said it included it but he was having none of that. He ranted and raved and yelled and screamed at us. As i didnt have all my paperwork with me i said it must be a genuine misunderstaninding and again he called me a liar and that I was scamming him etc etc then said he woould not provide transport back to LV and hung up. So now i was fretting as it was night time, that we had no way to get back to LV. Then about an hour later he caleld back and conitnued abusing us. This time he had Amanda on the line and she also said that the tour to MV was not included. We said if this was teh case we were prepared to pay and Sessel conitnued yelling and abusing us saying “it wasnt godo enought’ andthat “we couldnt buy our way out of it”. Amanda eventually accepted our credit card details and ran it throguh and said that yes they would pick us up the next day, but could not provide a time other than “mid afternoon”. So the next day we sat and waited 4 horus for our pick up – effectively missing a half day in Zion NP. When the new Driver came we were not allowed on the van until we signed teh credit card slips. We saw that Sessell was double charging us. Amanda quoted us $65 pp on the phone and he was charging us $130 pp on the slips. we refused to sign both slips, and upon return called the bank to advise them of the situation. Also upon return I checked the confirmed itineray (sent to me before I left Austrlaia) and yes the MV tour was included. So Sessel, who accused us of scamming him had in fact scammed us, and in addition tried to double scam us by charging us twice what Amanda quoted.

    In addition others (not us) on the tour had booked and paid for a river raft and helicopter flights, neither of which occured. The group was advised that “they were not operating at this time of year” funny how we saw other rafts on the river. In reality there was no time for this to happen. And I would highly doubt if Sessel offered them a refund.

    I am telling as many people as possible to avoid this company. Thsi Rude Pig of a man does not desreve to be in business. I hope people vote with their feet and go eslewhere!

    How anyone can possibly work for this man (if i dare call him that) is beyond me. No one deserves to be treated in the way he treats peopel – ever! Never ever book with this company. I dont knwo if anything will come of a formal complaint, but we are goingt o try. The more people that advise the Utah BBB of him the better chance of him being shut down.

    • Thanks Sharon for posting this, great warning. I’m getting to the point where I’m tempted to start an anti- Bundu Bashers blog all of it’s own – so many people comment! Just take deep breaths and remember how beautiful the scenery was (in between having to deal with that bloody moron.) Please let us all know how you go with your complaints and if you need any support from others – we can all send letters if it helps!

  9. Thought I would share this with you all – it actually made me laugh at what an idiot this guy is. Here is his reposne to my (polite) e-mail seeking a refund for him double charging us for the MV tour.

    ME: I refer to our phone conversations of April 19 2011 where you advised us that we had undertaken a tour of Monument Valley that we had not booked. We were subsequently charged an extra $130 for this service ($65 pp). Please see the confirmed itinerary (below) that we received from your company. I have highlighted in red where it is confirmed that we did in fact book a tour of Monument Valley through Bundu Bashers. The word “tour” is definitely in our confirmed paperwork. As such, we request a refund of the extra $130 we were charged.

    SESSEL’s response:
    You are fortunate we did not report you to the police for theft of services. Any attempt to contest this charge will be vigorously fought with any and all legal means at our disposal. You are a disgrace and should be ashamed of yourself.

    You are right kylbarei, the scenery and holiday in general was fantatsic – and at least I can smile about it now, as i have a story to tell, and I am doing my best to tell as many peoepl as posisble to avoid this company.

  10. I applied for a job with them and two weeks after submitting my resume, I received an amazing email from them stating they did not want to talk to anyone who was not currently working with the business that you used to work at, and that business MUST be listed on the internet, and they have NO INTEREST in talking to someone non-work related AND they will be running a background check and if you can’t meet all these requirements, don’t bother them. They are now working under the title of Bryce Canyon Tours. I phoned them in response to a voicemail left and spoke with a woman answering the phone – at first she seemed pleasant but when I said the email was harsh she became very hostile and stated there’s no way they’d send someone to the Grand Canyon without doing a background check, in case they had a felony. This is a reasonable position and I would agree to the background check but the timber of the email was almost assaultive. Do they not realize that many businesses in Las Vegas have gone out of business? I might have brushed it all away and “gone for it”, but after reading these reviews (thank you, all!) I’m glad I steered clear. I’d be interested in hearing from someone who actually worked for them – how were you treated?

  11. Just curious who the woman you talked to was, Becky or Amanda? I worked for them lat winter they were totally unorganized and UNCARING about customer service. It’s all about the money, take people for a ride and ripp them off. The owner Sessel is f-g CRAZY, be glad you steered clear.

    • Chris, hi, so sorry for the delay in responding. I just now saw your Reply.
      I spoke with Amanda – I almost felt sorry for her, trying to do the impossible
      of making a business successful with Sessel at the helm.

      I’ll check again regularly if you have any more questions.


  12. Heavens

    I am just about to book with this company and drag my family on the two day tour from San Francisco to Las Vegas,[spending nearly $3000.00nz] has the company improved at all since last year. It seems i am now stuck

    • Karyn, NO it’s not improved. I worked for this company last winter. You should cancel and fight any resistance to refund charges. My name is Chris I have started my own tour company in large part because of the bullshit I wittnesed as an employee for this outfit. You can book your travel with me at http://www.snowflakeshuttletours.com

      • Thanks Chris. I hope that Karyn is able to rebook with you – and that she’ll be able to post glowing reports afterwards! I will be interested to see how you go – but please ensure you keep us informed with positive feedback you receive so we can refer to you when people are looking for an alternative to the totally crappy outfit that is Bundu Basher. I’m also updating the tags on this to include Bryce Canyon Tours which I understand they’re also calling themselves. Good luck to you both!

  13. Thanks to you all for the warnings about this company – I also found them trading under another name other than bryce canyon tours but can’t seem to track it down again – so be careful. I’m thinking of booking with “Monument valley from las vegas” tours which is more expensive but lists what you get and what you don’t get – has 5 good reviews on tripadvisor. Fingers crossed.

    • Sadly the reviews on tripadvisor don’t actually refer to John’s company. He didn’t even bother mentioning that. “Monument Valley Tour” is not the same as the fake “Monument Valley from Las Vegas” tours, a ‘company’ that doesn’t really exist at all.

      • I actually wonder if Barb and Mark are not actually ‘John’ himself. Otherwise, Barb, please tell us how that wonderful tour went. Not very good for some, mind you.

  14. This is from the owner/operator of Monument Valley from Las Vegas. I have operated premium tours from Las Vegas for the past 4 years, and started my Monument Valley itinerary in May 2011 (last tour season). We added this trip because of the wonders of our South West desert, and we were contracted 6 times to run tours for this wacked out owner Sessel Sagorin of Bundubashers. There are 2 reasons for this posting. First being of course, promoting our Monument Valley trip, and the second being that the last time he contacted us for tour services. (Reason being and this came from his only tour guide) he hasn’t had a tour guide work for him more than 2 months. He refused to pay the cost for my vehicles which are less than a year old, and instead wanted my guides to drive his 8+ old vans with expired registrations. When I turned down this work. He called me a worthless (leave the rest to you imagination folks) I personally did one of these trips after my guides rightly refused to work if it came from his company in there vans.

    In all, there is a customer service orientated company that operates this trip with comfort and attention to detail for our clients. Yes, we are a little bit more expensive that his listed price. (book now and catch our off-season price) We list all that is included in our tour (which is more than his, without the upgrades they will try to sell you) Monument Valley from Las Vegas is all inclusive, no surprises, top notch service. Barb we look forward to providing the best vacation possible (thank you for your reservations) for you and your 3 travel mates. I even have a tour guide from Manchester that’ll will drive on the left side of the road for you, to feel right at home (that’s a joke folks).

    Come along with the South West USA Premium Tour Operator. You can visit us on the web http://www.monumentvalleyfromlasvegas.com
    We look forward to being your tour operator of choice. Thank you

    • Thanks so much, John, for posting!! We wish you all the success in the world with running a professional and fun tour group through these beautiful areas. Let us know how you go and encourage feedback on here from any of your customers! I’m keeping this thread going until that obnoxious mob have finally either cleaned their act up or gone out of business…..

    • Hello John,
      I recently rang Bundubashers and spoke with Sessel, after he could not answer our emails clearly about which tours where available on our prefered dates. I have never spoken to some one so rude! I don’t even work in the hospitality industry and would never speak to a potential customer like he did to me!. Might I add he abrubdtly ended the conversation by hanging up on me before I had even finished talking. His only interest seem to be forcing me to pay for a “private tour” on our prefered day. Thankyou for this posting, your website shows everthing we want (total 4 people) to do look forward to email/speaking with your staff. Cheers Mark (Sydney Australia)

      • Thanks Mark – can’t say I’m surprised to hear that our hero Sessel is still the rudest and most unprofessional person on the planet! Enjoy your tour with John and co – and please let us know how you went!

      • Hello Mark,

        We look forward to accommodation and providing the most outstanding tour experience. As my website states. The National Parks and the areas we visit will defiantly do there job. But we as a tour company needs provide the best customer service possible. My staff loves repeat business and guests that tell us we were recommended by a former travelers. Please let me know if there is any assistant or questions that may arise to see you with us viewing the beauty of the SouthWest. I need not say any more of Seseel. He validates himself!!!

  15. I also strongly was proven this “Sessel is still the rudest and most unprofessional person”.
    Fortunately I didn’t get into a Bundu Bus tour since my reservation was canceled without any reason and explanation.
    I wonder how can such a business even exist.

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  17. If you need more facts on Bundu Bashers. Go to Craigslist,org in Las Vegas, NV under the etc jobs and transportation jobs. Sessel has been looking for tours guides for the past 3 months, and there is at least 8 guides warning people to stay away from working for bundubashers. WOW. He has actually left guides stranded out of town by taking there van.

    • Hi John. I have booked a tour with your company. You have a very swift customer service response, but unfortunately I am still waiting for a reply to my e-mail from may 26th. Since you always reply in 24 hours, I was wondering if everything is okay. I was asking whether my hostel is fine for the pick-up and what time it would be. Thanks and sorry if I am asking too early, but my whole trip is based around this tour.

      • Well, the day has come and no tour was provided, but you seem to have liked my $ 868, since you don’t want to give them back. Nice profitable business, John. Sessel is an angel compared to you. Keep up the good work!

      • Sorry I missed this – I’ve been away from the blog…. This is terrible too. If anyone has any info on whether or not Monument Valley Tours are linked to Bundu Bashers, or whether they’re just another rip-off outfit, please post here. Truly I cannot see why there is a gap in the market for a professional, well run, friendly, and EXCELLENT tour group to run tours that seem to be in so much demand. I hope you are able to claim back your funds, and it’d be even better if you were in a position to take legal action. Keep us all posted.

      • I am sorry to here this, This is Mark, whom booked with monumentvalleytoursfromlasvas. We had a great experience, There is no John his name is Eric, we had a great time. Eric said he did want his real name on here, because he used to drive vehciles for sessel. Eric Picked us up from Imperial palace on the 21st of march, in a SUV cadalac escalade, he was a good tour operator. I am confused over the fact that his website is now dead. We payed in advance through that website for everything including mavrick helicopter ride over the grandcanyon. The tours was everything we expected and more. We gave a tip! My wife and I travelled as a group of four with some close friends of ours. We loved it, it was just the four of us with eric and a typical american oversized but very comfortable SUV with arm rest. . . .awesome and Im 6ft 2!. Why the website is gone and people have now posted bad references to monumentvalleytours is a huge suprise to me! I have not thought about looking for this website again since our return until now. I can assure you my experience with manumentvalleytoursfromlasvegas was real and the owner and driver of the company we had was in no way related to bundu bashers. whom really is an arsehole, we even stopped at bryce canyon when his tour group was there, but in most cases sessel does not drive his vehicle. But we all had a yarn about sessel in the carpark with the driver of the other tour bus whom agreed he was a prick of a man to work for. I dont understand why eric would do the wrong thing by anyone. For what it is worth monumentvalleytoursfromlasvegas still has a facebook page, with pictures, phone number and address, including Eric personal account as one if its connections. Maybe that is another way of tracking him down? we did four weeks in the us from coast to coast booked everything online with no problem anywhere. amazing this has happened . . .so confusing . . I really was expecting to come back and find that eric now had 20 drivers and had cornered the market over sessel and other operators. sorry to hear and read of others bad expereinces we used this website to gain a good one. Eric was so good the whole time can’t believe the posting.

      • Well, I’m afraid the post is as true as the fact that he still owes me $434 he hasn’t given back. I wish you could tell him, because not only I have lost my money, but also the chance to ever see Monument Valley in my life. It has caused me a lot of distress. I will never have the chance to go again. He has ruined my experience and a bit chunk of my life. The least thing he could do is give me my money, but I guess he’s busy spending it in casinos in Las Vegas. Eric Davis was the name he was using with me. You can find him in LinkedIn with that name.

        Lucky you, unlucky me. At this point, I don’t know what to believe.

      • It’s all hard for me to beleive as well, on facebook his name is Eric Rivera but the transfer to the bank account show Eric John Davis.

      • Mark, can you contact me via e-mail, please? You can see my e-mail address if you hover over my name and remove the http. You are the only one who can help me get my money back :-(.

      • i cant see your email address after doing as you say, did you look at facebook, something funny going on as it looks like i am not connected to his blog on their but it still exsists, after som clicking around i extracted the following:

        2312 North Green Valley PkWy
        Henderson, Nevada 89014
        +1 800-969-1417

        just because the website is down doesn’t mean the email wont work.
        I googled the address and its residential, If you live in america I suggest to contact consumer affairs, or at least that is what its called here in Australia, give them us much info as you can that is all you can do, i don’t beleive I’m going to be much help. all the best and goodluck

      • Hi Mark,

        He doesn’t answer any e-mails, I’ve tried for months. I need the bank account details and his address for the bank. For what I know, that address you mention might be also fake. Please e-mail me at cnazca (at) gmail (dot) com

      • Transaction was via paypal via my CC i.e. PAYPAL *MONUMENTVAL 4029357733 AUS email confirmation email was eric john davis 1 (at) gmail com before the at symbol no dots. goodluck that all the info i have

  18. This is an email i received from the owner of Bundu Bashers.com. This
    is what to expect from this guy Sessel Sagaron. Our van broke down in
    Page, AZ. It took them a day and a half to rescue us. Luckily we were
    still at the hotel. We couldn’t make it out to Monument Valley which
    was 130 miles away, to so that portion of the tour. Since we left
    Page, AZ at 1:30 pm the third day. This Sessel Character who took over
    the tour, left his new guide stranded in Page, AZ, and took us
    directly back to Las Vegas, NV. We did not get to see Monument Valley,
    Zion or Bryce National Parks.

    This poor tour guide was not trained, didn’t have any information on
    any of the sites we did get to see. He was left stranded after he
    dis-agreed about sleeping in this trailer as bundubashers.com didn’t
    book a room for him to sleep 2 nights in Page, AZ. We paid for the
    poor guys room the 2nd night. As he didnt have a key to access this extremely beat down trailer. Than day 2 of the tour the damn van would not start. Look at the email i received back from the owner when I demanded my money back. 6 of us was held literally hostage as he drove upwards of 9o miles per hour returning to Las Vegas. He threatened to leave us on the side of the road. He took advantage of 7 women. We wished we had a big guy to confront this Sessel.

    Fuck u cock sucker you can post negative BUT MY BANK ACCOUNT KEEPS
    GROWING ass hole

    Sent from my iPhone

      • Yes it was via email. Go figure he would respond that way when I am posting negative reviews of this shoddy run of the mill company

    • I can attest that all the above is absolutely true as I had the misfortune of “working” for Sessel for about a week! The man is a disaster and how he is able to book business or maintain business relationships is a mystery! He is an incredibly immature ass!!!

  19. Further more their are new postings of this guy that is operating under several different corporate names I found out. So he has revoked business license in 5 states. I wish I would have know that. Sorry for venting Kylbarei. Im thankful that Visa reversed all charges for our party of 4 that traveled with me.

    • No worries at all – pleased you found a home to vent on. And great news that Visa refunded – hopefully other people ripped off by Sessel the Great will be able to get their Card providers to chargeback the transaction – I believe the code is ‘Goods and Services Not Received.’

  20. Ugh…I applied for a position working for Bundu Bashers Tours this morning not knowing what company it was. Here’s the Craigslist Listing URL: http://montana.craigslist.org/ofc/3028438742.html
    I received an e-mail right away which I didn’t read until about an hour ago. It is from this Sessel guy and he asked that I call back and talk to Amanda or Becky if he wasn’t available. I “Googled” the company name and have been reading horror stories about this company since. I’m so glad I looked into it. I’d rather go without employment then uproot my family to work for him! Thank you all for the information! I was hoping for a great job in beautiful Yellowstone this summer but will do my research first!

  21. I’m sorry to have to post this as of now, but I think it can be very informative. The thing is that I haven’t heard from http://www.monumentvalleyfromlasvegas.com ever since I made the second payment for the tour. I am freaking out because I still have no pick-up time and no real confirmation of the tour (other than the automated message). And I am freaking out because this is the main reason for coming to the US, and there’s no time to book another tour that fits the schedule. I have called them but they always have the answering machine with the same message aluding to the high volume of calls (all day long? how can that be?), I have left messages, sent e-mails and no reply. I have chosen this company solely because of the nice comments of this blog and I would hate to find out it’s all a lie. This is not a joke. It’s a lot of money and a lot of effort put onto this trip. If John or any of the guys at http://www.monumentvalleyfromlasvegas.com could get back to me with the pertinent information, I would appreciate it and I would kindly request Kylbarei to remove this message. But right now I must keep you posted. I can’t even relax these days because of this uncertainty :-(. I hope I can get a confirmation.

  22. One more day has passed and no reply yet. At this point I seriously start to think that this company must be bogus and they provide no service at all. I have called them, e-mailed them, I have one friend called them as well, I have the guy from Rezgo called them and no one gets a reply from them. I’m certainly losing hope. Could it be that all those nice posts we all read were just a trap? They have ruined my trip already because I’m worried sick and I have no place to stay in Las Vegas if I don’t take the tour. I need to take it, and I have already payed it. Bundu Bashers is bad, but at least you get to see the Grand Canyon. I might not be able to. I’ll keep updating about this.

  23. But this guy named John was actually shedding some light on Sessel’s behaviour. If this company is bogus, then this is the most wicked and evil thing I have ever seen in my life. I have travelled to 51 countries and taken tours everywhere and this never happened to me. Tours can be good or bad, but they always took place.

  24. Okay guys, it’s 17:39 on Friday and at this time I can assure you that John, Eric and the rest of the people who work in monumentvalleyfromlasvegas.com are scammers. They go one step beyond that monster called Sessel: instead of providing a horrible service, they provide no service at all! Right now chances are I won’t get to see the Grand Canyon and I have to look for a place to stay in Las Vegas, a city that in which I have no interest whatsoever. Needless to say, this was the main sightseeing spot of the trip and they have totally ruined my experience. I thought this sort of things would never happen in America, it’s the first time certainly. The way they make stuff up to try to lure customers, writing comments in this blog… How can someone do something so wicked? I hope they are not Christians, because in that case they are going straight to hell.

    Kylbarei, you might want to add their URL to the list of companies that people shouldn’t use if they are looking for a 3 day tour. At this point, I think that all the companies that offer more than one day tours are not serious, or maybe they are all run by Sessel or his accomplices.

    I have asked Paypal for a refund already, the least I can do is to claim what is rightfully mine (my money for a tour that wasn’t provided). Although the frustration, the anxiety and the frustration they have brought to me… I have not enjoyed these last days because of this situation, and those days I will never get them back. Shame on them.

    Good luck to any of you who reads this and wants to see the wonderful Grand Canyon. And please, be on the lookout for this kind of dishonest people. I’d be glad if my experience could help others.

  25. ATTENTION! If you enjoy being crammed into a poorly maintained van with no room for your luggage, given warm bottled water and cheap cheese and peanut butter crackers for snacks and refreshment, while listening to a poorly groomed and poorly dressed nincompoop that claims to be the “leading” tour operator in the West, then BunduBashers is for you!!! If you’re lucky enough to get a meal “included” then you can look forward to dry, grocery store deli subs and more warm bottled water. Better hurry on that bathroom break or you’ll get left behind!!!
    and may God help you if he hits the brakes at high speed!!!
    QUESTION: Why would the OWNER of a “major” and “successful” tour company be driving the tour vans himself????????
    ANSWER: Because he’s a paranoid schizophrenic freak with delusions of grandeur and can’t keep good employees!!!!
    Also, BE SURE TO INQUIRE as to maintenance records of the vehicle you may be riding in and whether or not the drive has a CDL with a passenger endorsement and a driver’s logbook to take you across State lines!!!!!!

  26. Well, to all of you who have hired a Bundu Bashers tour… I think you can count yourself lucky. It might have been the worst tour experience ever, but the views from the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon, etc. would make up for it in a way. In my case, I payed $868 and I got nothing. A pure rip-off, with the anxiety and the anguish and the disappointment I had to put up with. It is very easy indeed to shatter someone’s dreams, and this mofo John who appears in this blog pretending to have a tour company goes one step beyond Sessel (or maybe he is Sessel himself). From a lousy tour to just take your money and run. There’s a lot of scumbags like these roaming around, trying to lure people by making stuff uf like “I know that guy (Sessel), he validates himself! I provide awesome tours”. Yeah, right. It’s just unbelievable that a human being with heart and soul can just lie through his teeth like this, take your money and feel no remorse! I’m still trying to get my money back, and apparently it is going to be a long battle, since they don’t reply to any e-mail or call. Try to call them, guys, and you will always get the same message: “Due to the high volume of calls…”. You don’t have to make up lies like that, guys, the only people calling are dumbasses like me, fool enough to buy John’s words. He’s not even giving his real name.

    A long battle will ensue to get my money back, but I will fight for it until the very day I die. I’m still 29, so chances are I’m going to be insisting for a really looooong time.

    As for people looking for a several day tour of the Grand Canyon area, just please give up and don’t trust anyone.

  27. wow! I am so glad I did a Google search on reviews before I signed up! Is this the same Bundu Bus that STA is advertising? If this is the case I am surprised at STA as they are usually reliable. Once again, thanks to all who have posted about this.

  28. I nearly booked a tour even giving my credit data. Thank goodness it was cancelled! The owner was so rude and sent insulting messages that infuriate me time and time again.

    This is unusual for me to complain publicly but it is necessary to warn any possible victim out there. Avoid them at all cost!

  29. Thank you very much for publishing your experience here. I ´m glad it´s still time to cancel my reservations with this horrible company!! Let me add that the owner was very rude over the phone and that´s why I started a reserch on them…
    Thank you again!!!

  30. Bonjour!
    Just a few words for people who would like to 100% enjoy their stay in West America: contact Chris from “Snowflake Shuttle Tours” (the link is just above). For a very reasonable price, he can afford you an excellent taste of wonderful spots like Monument Valley, Bryce and Canyon de Chelly National Park, Grand Canyon, etc.
    The only negative point, for which Chris’ responsibility cannot be engaged is… some rain in Zion Park!
    If you’ve any question, don’t hesitate to contact me at:

    Thierry (from France / Switzerland)

  31. I am in shock right now. Just had a “phone interview” with Sessel and I have never been belittled or spoken to the way he spoke to me. It is shocking to me that someone with the personality of a rock can stay in business. Sessel, you should be ashamed of yourself and your attitude. If you don’t believe in KARMA, maybe you need to look into it.

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